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18-Jun-2019 05:42

Both matchmakers also land on the same end goal in matching clients: chemistry.“That could be communication, that could be physical,” says Avgitidis.Where the gentile-seeking-Jew situation becomes troubling is in the cloak-and-dagger courting on Jewish dating sites in which people feel the need to misrepresent themselves (or #Fake Jews, as one Reddit user described it to me).In the wake of Charlottesville, Pittsburgh, and now Poway, where anti-Semitic attacks gestated online, it’s difficult not to be wary of someone taking a strong interest in wooing a Jewish person under false pretenses.

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Even those who admitted to doing so declined to be interviewed for this piece when contacted.“For some reason, a lot of men want Jewish girlfriends,” says Toni of a trend she’s noticed in her own circles since she was in college. Supposedly Jewish women are better sexual partners.”There are a number of reasons why a niche dating site might welcome members who don’t fit neatly into the niche.And while it’s difficult to measure the number of non-Jewish people using JDate or its mobile app JSwipe — Spark Net, the sites’ parent company, does not disclose the demographics of its users — a quick glance at any user’s unfiltered matches will yield a decent litter of “Other” and “Willing to Convert.”Toni, 66, is a divorcee who, though no longer very observant, wanted to meet another Jewish person, Toni joined JDate when she was ready to start dating again.She met military servicemen (some even stationed overseas) and a man from a tiny town in the South. “From what I understand from talking to other people who've done the apps, they’ve had very similar experiences.” Unlike Vicky, Toni didn’t make the discovery until she and her date were face-to-face.There are 12 denominational profile options on JDate, everything from “Culturally Jewish” to “Orthodox,” and in-between, like “Conservadox.” To provide an even more granular impression of observance, indicators like “Kosher at Home” or “Attend Synagogue at High Holidays” are available to users.

As the messages started gathering in her inbox, Vicky started responding to men who’d identified as Orthodox, Conservative, and even “Not Religious.” “I screen out most people before I’m comfortable giving them a chance,” she says.This is how she found out that one match who specified on his profile that he wasn’t religious and didn’t keep kosher wasn’t Jewish at all.

”) Clients would tell things to me they never would say in a normal setting.… continue reading »

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"People change so you can learn to let go, things go wrong so you can appreciate them when they’re right.… continue reading »

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