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for Big On Saturday, when the Nittany Lions were defeating the Pittsburgh Panthers 33-14 to go 2-0 on a promising young football season, Sara Ganim of CNN posted a blast from Penn State's nightmarish past -- a big scoop that supposedly further tarred and feathered the ghost of the late Joe Paterno.

But that didn't prevent Ganim from making a splash with her bogus scoop in gullible mainstream media outlets, such as The Philadelphia Inquirer, by generating a fresh round of headlines asking What did Joe Know and When Did He Know It?She claimed it "bolsters evidence" that Paterno "knew years before Jerry Sandusky's arrest that his longtime assistant might be abusing children." You had to dig deep into Ganim's intellectually dishonest story to discover what her main new allegation was -- that Paterno supposedly knew about a 1998 incident where Sandusky was accused of hugging a naked 10-year-old boy in the shower.An incident investigated by the Centre County District Attorney's Office at the time and determined to be unfounded.Ganim's ethical conflict was laid out in a legal brief filed by Sandusky's lawyers in their arguments for a new trial.

In the brief, Sandusky's lawyers wrote that Ganim "approached the mother of accuser 6," Deb Mc Cord, according to the testimony of State Police Corporal Joseph Leiter, and gave the mother the name and phone number for an investigator assigned to the attorney general's office.With the so-called Penn State sex abuse scandal, it's getting harder and harder to separate reality from myth.