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1995 NAGT/USGS Cooperative Summer Field Training Program Interns Allabastro, Amy J.

1994 NAGT/USGS Cooperative Summer Field Training Program Interns Ackland, William Earl Allwright, Michael Bard, Eric J.

The newlywed couple goes on a honeymoon later that day, while the children sit at home thinking that their parents hate them.

1990 NAGT/USGS Cooperative Summer Field Training Program Interns Alvarez, Kristine M.

Thinking the family does not need her anymore, Alice invents a story about a "sick aunt in Seattle".

Marcia and Jan overhear a phone conversation between Alice and her friend and discover the ruse.

Ole Kaven Location: Menlo Park, California Project: Stress states of the Coso Geothermal Field throughout its production cycle Emily Paine, Rice University Science Mentor: Nancy Simon and E.

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Terrence Slonecker Location: Reston, Virginia Project: Characterizing individual cyanobacteria species using hyperspectral data Jeremy Patterson, Colorado State University Science Mentor: Claire Tiedeman Location: Lawrenceville, New Jersey Project: Groundwater flow and contaminant transport in fractured-rock aquifers Sean Payne, Humboldt State University Science Mentor: Jennifer Morace Location: Portand, Oregon Project: Columbia Plateau principal aquifer study Lincoln Pettinger, Montana State University Science Mentor: Erik Beever Location: Bozeman, Montana Project: Investigating factors which determine the niche of a species that lives in rocky talus slopes: merging ecology, biogeography, climate and geology to inform conservation of the American pika Hanna Podzorski, University of Wisconsin, Madison Science Mentor: Edward Stets Location: Boulder, Colorado Project: Fluvial biogeochemistry at multiple scales: the role of streambed processes in controlling nutrient and carbon cycling in stream ecosystems Mattie Reid, Bucknell University Science Mentor: Scott Bennett Location: Seattle, Washington Project: Paleoseismologic and geologic investigations of active faults in the Pacific Northwest Charlene Rogers, University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee Science Mentor: John Mullaney Location: East Hartford, Connecticut Project: Support of the Connecticut groundwater-level network Kelly Sanks, Illinois State University Science Mentor: Meagan Eagle Gonneea Location: Woods Hole, Massachusetts Project: Fate of salt marsh carbon in eroding and drowning marshes Jonathan Schafer, Bowling Green State University Science Mentor: Ian Jezorek and Patrick Connolly Location: Cook, Washington Project: Wind River watershed cooperative fish population and restoration assessment Daniel Scheeler, Minnesota State University Science Mentor: Cliff Hupp Location: Reston, Virginia Project: Vegetation and fluvial geomorphic relations Jonathan Schwing, University of Oklahoma Science Mentor: Ryan Crow and Kyle House Location: Flagstaff, Arizona Project: Geologic mapping and geomorphic analysis of early Colorado River deposits Brian Snow, Western Washington University Science Mentor: Nicholas Johnson Location: Millersburg, Michigan Project: Block the migration of an invasive fish using low voltage pulsed direct current Alicia Solomon, University of Kentucky Science Mentor: Robin Stewart Location: Menlo Park, California Project: Investigations into the bioavailability and bioaccumulation of selenium and mercury in the San Francisco Bay estuary Alivia Stoller, Illinois State University Science Mentor: Carol Prentice Location: Menlo Park, California Project: Paleoseismology of the northern San Andreas Fault John Swiecichowski, University of Minnesota, Twin Cities Science Mentor: Denise Akob Location: Reston, Virginia Project: Microbial degradation of organic compounds in hydraulic fracturing produced waters Mark Szymanski, California State University, Chico Science Mentor: Jacob Lowenstern Location: Menlo Park, California Project: Geologic databases and fieldwork for the Yellowstone Volcano Observatory Douglas Tebo, University of Texas, Arlington Science Mentor: Roger Denlinger and Wes Thelen Location: Southwest Washington Project: Field assistant for i MUSH seismic stations Meghan Thompson, Boston University Science Mentor: Greg Boughton Location: Cheyenne, Wyoming Project: Wyoming groundwater quality monitoring network Ryan Till, University at Buffalo, State University of New York Science Mentor: Michael Poland Location: Vancouver, Washington Project: Geodetic monitoring of Cascade Range volcanoes and Yellowstone Emily Tinkler, Whitman College Science Mentor: Donald Sweetkind Location: Denver, Colorado Project: Digital geologic map compilation in northern Sacramento Valley, the Sierran Foothills, and the California Coast ranges Meghan Toft, University of Massachusetts Science Mentor: Gregory Walsh Location: Montpelier, Vermont Project: Northeast bedrock mapping Wesley Weisberg, Missouri State University Science Mentor: Albert Hofstra Location: Denver, Colorado Project: Melt and fluid inclusion analysis in resource investigations Elizabeth Whiddon, University of Michigan Science Mentor: Rob Striegl Location: Boulder, Colorado Project: Aquatic biogeochemical cycling: inland waters carbon fluxes 2015 NAGT/USGS Cooperative Summer Field Training Program Interns Stuart Baker, Kent State University Science Mentor: Erin Berryman Location: Lakewood, Colorado Project: Soil respiration following wildfire in ponderosa and lodgepole pine forests of the Southern Rocky Mountains John Barefoot, University of North Carolina Science Mentor: Laura Clor Location: Menlo Park, California Project: Photogrammetry of active thermal areas at Cascades Volcanoes Jeremy Brizendine, University of Missouri Science Mentor: Marci Robinson Location: Reston, Virginia Project: Microfossil indicators of Pliocene paleoenvironments, Bay of Bengal Christopher Borjas, University of Texas at Arlington Science Mentor: Gavin Hayes Location: Golden, Colorado Project: Extending and updating global models of three-dimensional subduction zone geometry John Brotherton, Western State Colorado University Science Mentor: James Kuwabara Location: Menlo Park, California Project: Benthic processes affecting solute transport through Upper Klamath Lake, Oregon Taylor Canada, University of Texas at Austin Science Mentor: Gerard Butch Location: Troy, New York Project: Surface-water and ground-water networks Carissa Chambers, Sul Ross University Science Mentor: Gregory Noe Location: Reston, Virginia Project: The effect of floodplain geomorphology on nutrient biogeochemistry and water quality Matthew Cheney, Cedarville University Science Mentor: Jamie Shanley Location: Montpelier, Vermont Project: WEBB Program environmental data collection and interpretation Jeremy Cordova, California State University, Fullerton Science Mentor: Walter Mooney Location: Menlo Park, California Project: Earthquake hazards in the Central and Eastern U. Mindi Curran, Humboldt State University Science Mentor: Erik Beever Location: Bozeman, Montana Project: Investigating factors determining the niche of the American Pika in the Rocky Talus Slopes: merging ecology, biogeography, climate and geology Benjamin Davidson, California State University, Long Beach Science Mentor: Jeffrey Chaplin Location: South-Central Pennsylvania Project: Geochemical processes and pesticides in vulnerable aquifers Davis De Ford, Northern Illinois University Science Mentor: James Vallance and Cynthia Gardner Location: Vancouver, Washington Project: A tale of two volcanoes: mapping, stratigraphy, and hazards assessment at Cascade Volcanoes, Glacier Peak and Mount Shasta Shannon Fasola, St. 1997 NAGT/USGS Cooperative Summer Field Training Program Interns Anderson, Kevin S.

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