Landmark education dating

19-Jun-2019 19:08

I wont get into any specifics unless it will help any opinions, but in short she has abandoned a lot of what I know is her. But only if I can leave whenever I want without a word being said to me, and if I leave, I get a "your meeting sucked so bad I left" bonus of 0. My parents got pulled into that cult when I was younger and fell head over heels for their bullshit "everything is meaningless" take on reality.Here are a few things: I told her im uncomfortable with this but we just end up arguing.anyways coupled with with her history of not being able to be financially responsible and a slew of bad breakups, I think shes in a very vulnerable spot and its capitalizing on her both mentally and financially. They throw out buzzwords and try to rope you into "fixing your life" by targeting people who are struggling and convincing them that if they just give up there money and time they too can be fixed.How as a brother can I help her without being near her physically (my job has me travel)? She was panicked and kept saying:"I have to bring two people! Fucking grown ups always trying to tell me how to live my life from their goddamn podiums. However my younger brothers were more mailable and for at least two years I lived in a Landmark Education house where every upset was a meaningless racket.Children should not be taught that life has an easy fix and one group of people knows just how you ought to live. I can't imagine a marriage surviving cultish interests like that.And regarding their recruitment techniques, that's spot on.

Ill admit too, once she starts spewing catchphrases and stuff from her seminars and how she wants to, "pass it on to our nephews" I kinda lose it. That website is about cult brands, not actual cults.

Goddammit Mom and Dad, with the money you wasted on that shit, we could have gone to Disneyland. one of the people close to me just joined and I didn't think much of it till now. thanks (sorry I'm super rushed so I can't explain in full detail now)it scares me how wildly unregulated self help is.

You aren't any happier, and you wasted 1200 dollars. They hide under the guise of not being psychology or medical, thats not enough to NOT take responsibility on peoples lives they affect.

Extremism is when anything can go wrong like religion, patriotism, etc. That's not what it's meant for, and she knows that.

She is doing a disservice to herself and her family by sacrificing these things for a relationship with a man who rejects her relationship with him. The thing is, it's like a 4 on a 1 to 10 scale of cults and cult-like organizations.EDIT: For format because its still the internet and even though Im asking a serious question someone still has to point out that I forgot a space after the asterisk. "She pitched back and forth wildly between panic, anger, and almost tearful pleading.