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01-Jul-2019 13:12

The few open air outings I've had in London have been walking around Hampstead Heath. The last few mornings have been glorious October autumn.

The trees on the Heath still in full leaf (back in Cumbria the trees are swept bare of leaves because of the high winds and now their branches scratch the louring skies) and an air of frolic about that little urban Eden.

I'm dictating this while lying on a bed in a hotel in the middle of Glasgow, preparing to go and give the Alexander Stone Lecture.

I had to come here by plane, which reminded me how much I hate internal flights on planes.

I wanted to set off from Euston and toddle up the west coast to Glasgow in about five and a half hours, and once north of Wigan (a splendid sight from the railway line) look out on God's own countryside, and with plenty to read and the odd sandwich, not a bad way at all to spend the day. At the moment we have the clumsy title of Class and Culture 1911-2011.

Instead of which it's hustle, security, queuing, waiting, queuing, hustle - okay, privileged to do this sort of thing and, okay, we need security. After the programme I went down to the Directors Cut studios to put the commentary on for the last of the three programmes we're making for BBC Two. I think the three directors and myself are going to hold hands in a circle, somewhere quiet and dark, and hope that we are granted a better title.

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For example, The Film Programme is now on Thursday afternoons rather than Friday.The gist of it seemed to be (I had to pop in and out of the studio while it was going on) that Elizabeth thought that the reason for the huge losses in battle of the Aztecs was that they insisted on not killing, but trying to take captives by mere maiming.

At the moment, the directors enumerated by the following firm are: Tracey S. … continue reading »

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