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I get emails pretty often asking why I do not review new Marlin rifles, along with all the other guns that I review on Since the inception of Gunblast back in the year 2000, I have tried to talk with the marketing folks at Marlin, and would get a blank stare in person, or just an answering machine when I would call.Marlin is one of the oldest and best known firearms manufacturers in the United States, dating back to the 1870s, with their reputation built on their legendary lever action rifles.I have often stated that if I ever get down to owning just one rifle, it will be one of my Marlin Model 39 leverguns.The barrel is threaded into the receiver, and locked in place with a Savage-style barrel nut.The rifle balances very well, and comes to the shoulder quickly.The push feed design of the bolt head allows an extra cartridge to be fed directly into the chamber, eliminating the requirement that it be fed from the magazine.The bolt head is pinned to the bolt body, much like the system used on the Savage 110 series rifles. It allows to bolt to self-center, doing away with the need to have the lugs lapped as is often required on other designs to improve accuracy.

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In addition to their leverguns, their rimfire bolt action rifles have an excellent reputation for accuracy.Also, bolt guns have lost a little weight over the past several years, and synthetic stocks are readily available for most bolt action rifles as well, for those who prefer their stability over that of wood.Shooters these days can expect good accuracy from most bolt actions, and in the past couple of years, even the trigger pulls on most bolt action designs from several makers have improved significantly.Those little .22 Long Rifle shooting jewels are some of the sweetest shooting rifles and carbines ever inspired by God and built by man.

While it would take some adjusting, I could do ninety-nine percent of what I need a rifle to do with a Model 39.What recoil the cartridge does produce is abated handily by the excellent recoil pad that Marlin has installed on the XL7.