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30-Mar-2019 01:20

“What happens in your childhood stays with you,” Hobson said.

“I think this [financial literacy] is one of the most pressing issues we have in America today.” Many parents, Hobson said, aren’t sure how to talk to their children about money.

She is president of Chicago’s Ariel Investments, board chair of the Ariel Investment Trust and serves as a director of Starbucks and JPMorgan Chase.

If there was any friction remaining over the Lucas Museum, it didn’t show up in public statements about her appointment.

Hobson and her husband, renowned “Star Wars” film director and art collector George Lucas, wanted to place their museum of narrative arts on Chicago’s lakefront.

Then-Mayor Rahm Emanuel would have essentially given them the land for their self-funded 0 million project.

Some, such as architect Helmut Jahn, criticized the couple for plotting a vanity project, and the group Friends of the Parks tied up the lakefront giveaway in court.The mayor is the chair, but the vice chair, appointed by the mayor, traditionally runs the board.