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In more recent times a player may catch his opponent by the neck and thus hold him back until he can obtain the ball himself, but scalping was anciently employed as a means of disposing of an opponent.

The Bay d’Espoir is a long inlet of the sea, extending up country over a score of miles.

The district is hilly, and is covered by a forest of rather small trees, spruce and birch, but further inland the hills are generally bare.

Biard says that “in summer the shape of their houses is changed; for they are broad and long that they may have more air.” There is all evident attempt to show these summer bowers in the map of Jacomo di Gastaldi made about 1550 given in vol. Their government was similar to that of the New England Indians; polygamy was not common, though practiced to some extent by the chiefs; they were expert, canoemen and drew much of their subsistence from the waters.

Cultivation of the soil was very limited if practiced at all by them, when first encountered by the whites. they divided their country, which they called Megumage, into 7 districts, the head-chief living in the Cape Breton district.

There are comparatively few European residents in this bay.