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27-Jun-2019 17:25

At the same time, no one makes it a goal to be single forever.

We all want love; we all want a partner to share our lives with.

If you want a certain kind of relationship, then date guys who want the same thing. Maybe you’re afraid you’ll never find better, maybe you’re afraid of being alone, maybe you rationalize that you’ve already invested this much time in the relationship so what’s a few more months or years? Sometimes the panic and anxiety oozing out of my single friends is so palpable I almost feel like I need a Xanax.

Yes, staying can be more comfortable, but think of it this way: as soon as you leave a going-nowhere situation, you are one big step closer to getting the love you actually want. Worrying about ending up alone gets you nowhere, the same way that worrying about what to eat for lunch doesn’t magically make a sandwich appear before you.

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We continue to live life in the same way and hope that it will somehow lead to different results.And with that, here are ten ways to stay single forever: 1. If you don’t learn from your mistakes, you are bound to keep making them (this was the story of my life for many years! If you find that you keep ending up in the exact same situations over and over again, it’s time to do some reflecting and consider why it’s happening, and what is leading you to this place.

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