Motorola sb 5101 updating

02-Aug-2019 19:27

Comcast has pushed updates that worked automatically with no user interaction from my end, didn't even know it happened till I went in and found a newer version of the software was in place, which provided the recent speed upgrade Comcast has doled out, 8mbps/256kbps with the speed tier which this Modem handles nicely. Does not network well at all with a wireless router (D-Link DI-524)! I'm tired of jumping through hoops to make a network. If I'm up in the middle of the night it is blindingly fast. But I just lie to them and say "No I dont have a router! I'd give the Motorola SB5100 a 4.5 out of 5 though I entered a "4." After 3 years it's worked flawlessly. Oh yeah, renew your IP address after you get running again. Then I reformatted my PC, and I ended up re-downloading all the default drivers of my PC that were needed, and my ping shot straight up, upto 300 ping, which is QUITE bad.I didn't ask my modem to decide for me, and yet they think I need this to exist. Hmmm, perhaps they don't like more than one computer online at the same time, sounds like an EULA to me. I have the CM connected to a firewall/router, feeding up to three PCs. You cannot change the IP provided by your ISP unless they provide static IP\'s than, maybe. Specifically, in the game I play, the closer you are to the player, the less your ping is to them, and it's rather easy to kill them.It seems the update procedure is normally limited to an area push; not individual. It went back to the vendor at that point and we had a fix the next day that was rolled out it got most of the modems back online.This delayed roll outs of that firmware for a few more days to other markets.

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Perhaps not so much by those companies' customers who are often left with no way to do much beyond surf the internet/WWW.

** I'm looking at getting this to replace my 3-yr old SB5100, which is erratically dropping the signal, requiring a power-off-power-on cycle to work again. We just dont see why we should provide free technical support, that is technical SUPPORT for Linksys, D link, Belkin or whatever brand your using. In addition all I have to do is have you read me the IP address on your computer and I immediatly know that you are using a router or if your not so bright, that you have your modem in standby. They are fast, reliable , stable, and long lasting work horses. They show my equipment as SB5101 but nobody had a clue about how to get me the right file. Cable One was the best about it once they knew what it was, new conduit to the house including digging under the road and never a charge for any of it even service calls.

I'd gamble that if the SB5101 lasts 3 years, it's worth it. We know what IP address, DNS servers, DHCP servers etc. We also know what IP address your router will provide each computer in the home. So please dont waste your time denying it it just takes longer to diagnose your present connectivity problem. Occasionally you get a lemon but by and large they fail much less than any other modem that we distribute or that can be bought by the consumer. They even gave me some free internet time (3 months).

the supervisor said they didn't know what firmware was I can't understand why they wouldn't do that.

Giving people cable modems that have faults should be given new modems the second a problem comes about.I have another router that I use to share my connection, and because the modems are both routers with DHCP activated, they are fighting for the same control.2.

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