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Among other things, he wrote the theme music to , for which he won best actor Oscar, but he released his first album, "Be Here Soon," almost a decade earlier, in 2000.His second, a self-titled record, came in 2011, after he signed with Blue Note 2011.That enigmatic approach isn’t new — the Weeknd, Sia and Dvsn have also chosen anonymity to an extent — but those around H. The singer set out to record a project that would be about coming of age, and her first EP is a brief, diaristic tracing of a broken relationship with songs that explore yearning, courtship, copulation, friction and conflict over dark soul grooves she wrote and produced in private before fleshing out with collaborators, including executive producer Darhyl “Hey DJ” Camper. is all of the above, and more.”Earlier this month she released “H. Co-produced by the singer and Camper, the EP also features production work from Tiara Thomas, Hue “Soundz Fire” Strother, David “Swagg R’Celious” Harris, Grades and Mike “Scribz” Riley.“Everything was a lot more optimistic and a lot more fun. A former child prodigy, she plays several instruments including the piano, drums, guitar and bass, was mentored by Alicia Keys, and has been recording music since she was at least 14.“People think that she’s just this wavy stuff.Did you know Alyssa Milano was a pop sensation in Japan?

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He was the drummer of Phantom Planet until 2003 and launched a solo project called Coconut Records in 2006.

She is 19, she says now, but beyond that she prefers the focus to be on the music and not herself, understandable given this social media driven era of oversharing. “She wanted to touch people without dealing with anything else. “It hasn’t even been a year and everything is happening so fast.