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Beaded cuffs, chokers, earrings, bracelets, and eagle plumes are also worn.

Fancy dancers are the most common scene in public exhibitions today and the dance has also become a competitive sport.

This list of dances is far from all-encompassing, as there were literally hundreds of dances and variations across the continent.

Dancing Associations: There were a number of semi-religious festivals or ceremonies in which a large number of individuals participated which were handed from one tribe to another.

Ghost Dance – A Promise of Fulfillment The Ghost Dance (Natdia) is a spiritual movement that came about in the late 1880s when conditions were bad on Indian reservations and Native Americans needed something to give them hope.

Even before the Fancy Dance was established, an intertribal Pow-Wow circuit had already been organized where various tribes held dance contests.

The dances are regionally or tribally specific and the singers usually perform in their native languages.

Depending upon the dance, sometimes visitors are welcomed; while, at other times, the ceremonies are private.

Meetings of these associations were held at night in large circular wooden buildings erected for that purpose.

Some of the dancers wore large feather bustles, called crow belts, and a peculiar roached headdress made of hair. Members of some of these associations were often known to have helped the poor and practice acts of self-denial.Some dances included solos, while others included songs with a leader and chorus.