No activex control information bar updating

07-May-2019 02:58

A User Form will not be refreshed in some cases, because Do Events will fire the events; however, Repaint will update the User Form and the user will see the changes on the screen even when another event immediately follows the previous event.

In the User Form code it is as simple as: This is not directly answering your question at all, but simply providing an alternative.

My Excel tool performs a long task, and I'm trying to be kind to the user by providing a progress report in the status bar, or in some cell in the sheet, as shown below.

But the screen doesn't refresh, or stops refreshing at some point (e.g. The task eventually completes but the progress bar is useless. For i=1 to imax ' imax is usually 30 or so fraction Done=cdbl(i)/cdbl(imax) Application.

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Are you using a Form Control button on a sheet with a macro assigned to it?

To restore the default status bar text, set the property to False; this works even if the status bar is hidden.