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12-Apr-2019 20:33

19: The Horned Frogs could be quarterbacked by KSU expatriate Alex Delton.

19: The Cowboys have won just two of their last seven games against the Bears.

21: Can the Les Miles era get off to a robust start?

12: The Cyclones’ 30-14 thumping of the sixth-ranked Mountaineers last season was the latest sign of the Iowa State ascendancy.

7: The Big 12’s biggest non-conference game; UT could strike a blow for Big 12 pride against an SEC behemoth.

But Bedlam football again has become wild; witness the 48-47 thriller a year ago on Owen Field.

14: The Sooners in the Arroyo Seco, with the sun setting over the San Gabriels, is hard to beat even if the Bruins are a shell of what they ought to be.

12: The Baylor-Tech game returns to a campus site for the first time since 2008. 7: Two schools that geographically really ought to change conferences, but the Big 12 comes out way ahead on sufferability.