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25-Apr-2019 18:56

MAPI-over-HTTP was not backported to Outlook 2007 or earlier versions.Outlook 2007 will be in an unsupported state on October 31, 2017.The update also emphasizes that with RPC-over-HTTP the quality of the mail experience will decrease over time. This is a great reason for your Sales Team to schedule a meeting with any customers that could be affected.Use this time to be sure their Outlook is will connect to Office 365 after this change – and talk about Sky Kick Cloud Backup to protect their Exchange Online data.Starting in mid-October, the Outlook Assistant will additionally alert partners to update any Outlook devices that do not meet the minimum version requirement for supported connectivity to Office 365 before proceeding to profile creation in Office 365.The alert will provide partners with the specific update information they need to help their customers avoid unsupported connectivity issues or degraded email performance when support for RPC-over-HTTP ends on October 31.It also only displays “To monitor Outlook’s synching processing more closely, you can open the Microsoft Exchange Connection Status dialog.

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We have one user who is not getting mail regularly.That means Outlook 2007 must be upgraded to a later version of Outlook that uses MAPI-over-HTTP to connect to Office 365 (see versions for Outlook 2010-2016 below).