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For the X with a measured ratio near 0.4 at an estimated age of near 40 years, the measurement is an indication that age was over estimated by nearly 30 years.

The X on the ingrowth curve provides a validation of the estimated age.

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Alpha Spectroscopy Services (Geochronology and Paleolimnology Services) In particular- Radio isotopic Lead dating - Lead Pb-210 analysis by most frequent method, Alpha Spectroscopy to measure sedimentation rate/sediment accumulation rate to find out age of the sediment (Geochronology and Paleolimnology).Lead dating - Pb-210 is an isotope in the uranium-238 (U-238) decay series. Although it can occur in secular equilibrium with its grandparent, Pb-210 concentrations are not constant because geo-chemical processes separate Pb-210 from the longer lived parent isotopes in many systems.This separation and subsequent decay provides the opportunity for the use of Pb-210 as a dating tool.In most cases, lead-radium dating is a useful tool in making independent age determinations that either validate or refute age estimates or age estimation procedures that provide very different ages (e.g.

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Pacific grenadier was either 6 or more that 60 years).This instrumentation is very sensitive and literally counts the decay of individual atoms over time; the detection of radioactivity.

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