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The Eighth Booke enters into the xlv TO THE READER Continent of Asia ; in the first Chapters relating the History of the Franks (as all Asia since cals the Western Christians) in the Holy Land Wars ; in the later, some Pilgrimages thither and the parts adjoyning, with divers Turkish Observations.

The Ninth proceedeth thorow the mayne land of Asia into Persia, Arabia, India, taking large view of those and other Asian Regions, retu Tning by Africa with later and iarger intelligence of the Easterne, Westerne and Northerne shores thereof; New view of the Turkish.

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The Eighth Booke comes homeward thorow the Mexican America and Florida unto Canada, relating the French Acts and English beginnings in those parts, touching in the way homeward at the Azores. The English Plantations in New England and Newfound- land follow in the Tenth, with divers Fleets set forth by Queene Elizabeth of famous memory, with whose blessing continued and confirmed by His Majestic, wee commit you to God, and give you leave to rest at home in peace, under the shadow of your owne Vine and Fig-tree, which God for his Christs sake continue and confirme to us and our posteritie. You have here a long Preface to a long Work, and yet you have a longer touching the utilitie thereof in the first Paragraphs of Salomons Ophir.

^ ^ ^ TO THE READER Authors travelling the same parts, observed, in which my Method brings in ordinarily the Authours whole Voyage there, where that part or Countrey, in which and for which we entertaine him, principally occasioneth his memorie ; and partly because in this long space of imprinting (from August 162 1.) many things have comne to my hand by diligent enquiry, which were not enrolled, nor in possession to be mustered in their due file and ranlce ; yea, divers things have beene done since our other passages of like nature were printed off : And thus divers Dutch quarrels are related, which yet since the Impression of that part have beene composed. First, we have divided the World in our; Method The first into the Old and New, alloting to each his owne Tome, ^'"'^• the first Ten Books to the former, the later to the other.

But the Worke growing more voluminous then was expected, we are forced to cut each of them asunder in the midst, the figures in the top and Alphabets in the bottome, and some marginall references and annotations intimating but two Tomes, which only the quantitie hath made Foure.

I might also have beene accounted partiall against mine owne Nation. Thus shall the Temple, and Church of God be edified, enriched, adorned, after wee have arrived at Ophir, and have seene our owne weaknesse, and taken paines in myning.

This I have done ; I for the most part, doe but publish others Relations, (and Losers perhaps will speake the most) and by Annotations dispersed intimate that these are personall faults of that East Indie Company, or some Commanders there, not of the whole Nation ; and if any Marginall Notes with Dutch Epithetes seeme to speake more, yet are they but directions to the Reader to shew what in that page or place is handled without further intent ; so with my Prayers for Peace on both sides I commend both to the God of Peace. \ THE FIRST VOLUME OF Purchas His Pilgrimes Contayning the Voyages and Peregrinations made by Antient Kings, Patriarkes, Apostles, Philo- sophers, and others. Gods Treasures, and undermining our owne hearts, searching and trying our owne and Gods wayes; casting off, and purging from us all superfluous Earth, and detaining the Gold and richer Mettall, which wee may carry and present, as the Talents gained by our Talents, in the best improvement of Gods graces, when wee shall returne to our Solomon, the Judge of quicke and dead, after our Navigation and earthly Pilgrimage ended.

the Third Booke relateth ; continued in the Fourth with further Discoveries intended for a North or North-^west Passage.

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