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Consequently, this verse is interpreted to mean that since the apostles had all died, and the rapture had not occurred, some were doubting the imminent return of Christ.

For the passing of the fathers (apostles) to have occurred would necessitate a second century date.

There has been much debate over the authorship of 2 Peter.

Most conservative evangelicals hold to the traditional view that Peter was the author, but historical and literary critics have almost unanimously concluded that to be impossible.

We can conclude, therefore, that the claim that 2 Peter is pseudepigraphy does matter.

Pseudepigraphy of this nature would definitely be considered deceptive and not an accepted characteristic of an inerrant canon. On what basis do the critics derive their conclusions? Longenecker, “Ancient Amanuenses and the Pauline Epistles,” New Dimensions in New Testament Study (Grand Rapids: Zondervan Publishing House, 1974), p.

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Another criticism of this reference to Old Testament fathers is the OT fathers would not have anticipated Jesus’ second coming.

But no document was ever condemned as a forgery upon this ground.” The second major area of criticism is based on interpretation of certain historical references.

One critic states, “The pseudonymous author’s claims are not persuasive, however, because 2 Peter contains too many indications that it was written long after Peter’s martyrdom in about 64 or 65 CE.” This process would have taken some time, and consequently, it means that 2 Peter could not have been written in the first century.

The second problem with this argument is even if some critics insist that the author is referring to an unofficial, uncanonized collection of Paul’s writings, they are assuming this collection could not have been assembled until the second century.

A recent article by Young Kyu Kim sheds new light and casts doubt on that argument also.

They base this claim on the fact that it is typical pseudepigraphal genre similar to that done in the pastoral epistles.

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