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21-May-2019 16:43

About the Muckdogs Recognized as the birthplace of the New-York Penn League and one of it’s founding franchises, 2019 marks the 80th season of professional baseball in Batavia. -- Nic Ready has been called the best Major League Baseball prospect on the Batavia Muckdogs roster this season. Batavia (40-33) is ahead of West Virginia (38-34) by 1.5 games as Batavia has three games left with Auburn and West Virginia has four with Mahoning Valley. If they lose both and Batavia wins at home (first pitch p.m.

It’s hard to tell how many — they feel mostly like pennies, and I’m usually fumbling in the half-dark for a goddamned Pepsi nickel, so I can’t tell them apart so well. Mocking me with their extra five cents of value that isn’t worth wasting on this ridiculous exercise. You can never have too many quarters around here, so I have a bunch in the console. But quarters are the only coin bigger than, but also fairly similar in size to, nickels. Besides that, though, there are precious few nickels to be found. There must be ten dimes and as many pennies — and naturally, 93 quarters — for every nickel in the pile.

Or take three dollars to the drug store and wait around for change.

Maybe we cut down too many of their nickelforests, or encroached on their nickel spawning grounds. I suppose a sane person would get their sodas in the food court, for a slightly less predictable price and hugely more predictable patter about signature sandwich options.

Usually about gum or coupons or possibly coupons for gum. If nobody’s using them, then they’ve all apparently decided to retire together between the seats of my Nissan. I’ve got no particular use for dimes, but evidently I own a bunch. If you need to park on the street anywhere in the Boston/Cambridge/Brookline area, it’ll cost you approximately 93 quarters per hour, so you have to keep a few rolls tucked in every automotive orifice you can find.

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I see other people engaged in long conversations with these cashiers. But when I scrounge through the pile of change in my car console, I’ve got pennies aplenty.

Batavia General Manager Brendan Kelly announced other specials as well today including Sahlen's Hot Dogs, for all 16 ounce beers and for the Eli Fish craft beer selection.

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