Relevance of constantly updating ones skill

20-Apr-2019 20:22

During the early 80s, I spent many long hours typing in BASIC programs from and similar magazines (it took me a long time because I hadn’t yet learned to type).While I think print magazines are less useful today — the same info can often be found online for free — they’re an inexpensive way to improve your general technical skills, especially if you’re unlikely to push yourself in other ways.I find this is particularly true of reference sites like (a reference site for PHP).My favorite way of finding online tutorials is to use Google.Take advantage of Amazon’s browsing features to quickly find the best books in any field.Even when you opt to buy technical books locally (such as for an easy return if it doesn’t suit you), you can still check the online reviews to rule out the bad ones.Periodically I get catalogs in the mail from UNLV, and while I lived in Los Angeles, I received them from UCLA, Learning Tree University, Pierce College, Santa Monica College, and others.A key advantage of classroom learning is the opportunity to interact with an experienced educator.

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Look for books with at least 4 out of 5 stars (I usually don’t buy any with less than 4.5 stars).However, they often sport other features like abundant interlinking, user comments, and interactive demos.