Rivet head dating

22-Aug-2019 14:34

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To become a proper fastener, a rivet should be placed in hole ideally 4–6 thousandths of an inch larger in diameter.This allows the rivet to be easily and fully inserted, then setting allows the rivet to expand, tightly filling the gap and maximizing strength.On many rivets, a size in 32nds may be stamped on the rivet head.Other makings on the rivet head, such as small raised or depressed dimples or small raised bars indicate the rivet's alloy.The design-type, material and any finish is usually expressed in plain language (often English).

Go to Article This Design Squad Nation animation shows how a pop rivet clamps two pieces of material together.

However, many countries soon learned that rivets were a large weakness in tank design, since if a tank was hit by a large projectile it would dislocate the rivets and they would fly around the inside of the tank and injure or kill the crew, even if the projectile didn't penetrate the armor.

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