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17-Aug-2019 19:59

Prior to the 1964 Games, when we entered a standing national team created by the legendary Father David Bauer, Canada's Olympic hockey teams had always been senior club teams, usually the winners of the previous spring's Allan Cup.Bauer created the standing national program in 1962-63, bringing amateurs and former junior stars together on the UBC team, which finished as runners-up at the Canadian university championships.Also Thursday, Montreal's Marie-France Dubreuil and Patrice Lauzon slipped to second place in ice dance after a slip-up by Dubreuil.Dube immediately fell to the ice and clutched at her face as blood pooled on the ice.The injury had an effect on Dube's Canadian teammates."Before we stepped out for the warmup I was in tears when I heard about it, and then I calmed myself down, and put it in the back of mind," Anabelle Langlois of Grand-Mere, Que., said."We competed so long together that not only the skaters but the Canadian fans and audiences have got used to us. We'll be excited to see how the next group grows and unites with each other." Ancaster's Bryce Davison, who was really part of that same cohort and won the 2008 world bronze medal with Jessica Dubé, now coaches the country's No.2 pairs team in Liubov Ilyushechkina and Dylan Moscovitch, who will also not return to "eligible" (formerly amateur) skating after the Olympics.

It was the start of something that would last, with a couple of blips, until the NHL began providing Olympic team players in 1998. It's essentially the last domestic competition for a group of athletes who have dominated the national skating scene for years.

"As we got closer to the side-by-side (spin), I began to have a hard time and had to fight my brain to stay focused.