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30-Jun-2019 17:20

It’s been growing for a couple years now, but a lot of people are still pretty unaware of it!That means there are a lot of questions about how it works and that’s what I’m here for.You might be asking, “But which cards are accepted?” Well, you can use pretty much any major gift cards for porn. Surprisingly, you can use cards from places like Build-A-Bear and Olive Garden too, so if you have any spare ones hanging around and aren’t interested in a new teddy or some sub-par Italian food, you know what to do with them.Some of the most common ones are from places you visit on a regular basis, like Walmart, Target, Best Buy, TJ Maxx, Bath & Body Works and even Starbucks. Nowadays, there are so many porn sites that accept gift cards, I’ve lost count.

The best part is that you get to join them without any hassles.

Spizoo, for example, can offer you a 12-day membership in exchange for a Starbucks card that’s 100% anonymous and no credit card required!

So look around, maybe you have a few of these laying around the house that will finally come in handy.

Whether it’s Christmas or your birthday, you open that card and, sure enough, there’s for Starbucks or some other store.

Sometimes, they’re a great gift because you can get what you really want, while other times you don’t know if you’ll ever use it.

Go ahead and test out each, they’re guaranteed to keep you entertained for hours on end!

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