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14-Mar-2019 20:10

GABON (Tier 2 Watch List)Gabon is primarily a destination and transit country for children from Benin, Nigeria, Togo, Mali, Guinea, and other West African countries who are subjected to trafficking in persons, specifically forced labor and forced prostitution.Some victims transit Gabon en route to exploitation in Equatorial Guinea.Trafficking offenders appear to operate in loose ethnic-based crime networks.Most child traffickers are women, who serve as intermediaries in their countries of origin.Guaranteed Lowest Price: The majority of establishments on Sleeping-OUT guarantee that their price on Sleeping-OUT is the lowest available anywhere, and are prepared to refund you the difference should you be able to find their accommodation on any other directory at a lower rate.

Specifically, the government did not, for another consecutive year, provide information on prosecutions or convictions of traffickers, despite its arrest of over 30 suspected offenders between 20.

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Recommendations for Gabon: Greatly increase efforts to prosecute, convict, and punish human trafficking offenders; ratify the 2000 UN TIP Protocol; harmonize the penal code with the ratified protocol, including the enactment of provisions prohibiting the trafficking of adults; strengthen cooperation between law enforcement, immigration, and gendarmerie to jointly address trafficking cases; and develop a system to track trafficking cases and provide relevant statistics.

Prosecution The Government of Gabon demonstrated limited progress in anti-human trafficking law enforcement efforts during the reporting period.Click here to read more about the Free Accommodation program.

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