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30-Apr-2019 06:20

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i play this game all the time because this is honestly my most favorite milf on the internet or that ive ever seen.but i cant find anything with her on anything else except for math strip 2.That time limit is short, especially when you are distracted by the, the right click trick to pause doesn't work for me.The math problems you gave are way too hard to solve when my brain isn't at its full capacity It was decent, but in my opinion, she really wasn't that hot. Sometimes they wouldn't register, and it would say I missed the question.(I know this wasn't the case.) All in all though, good job. While great and unusual (an uncommon spark of originality in a generic portal) in concept the game is defective when it comes to two digit problems.

The unfortunate thing about this game is the time limit, it means you end up in a situation, you can either look at the pictures, or you can answer the question, you don't have time to do both.

sudah lama artikel ini tenggelam sehingga admin tidak tahu kalau link downloadnya modar semua , nah untuk itu admin sudah perbaiki plus admin tambhkan beberapa varian mod naruto senki karna ada banyak sekali mod game ini yang harus kalian tahu .

game naruto senki mod unprotect merupakan game naruto senki yang masih original hanya di mod semua karater sudah di buka sehingga kalian bisa menggunakan semua karakter yang ada di game ini .

I was to distracted by the pictures to do the math! The pcitures seem to get slightly better with each question, and they are from some MILF site.

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lol wish i had the answers so i could see every picture and take my time looking at them :) Wish i could have my fun with either a hot male or female teacher :p lol I enjoy the basic challenge, but I do not enjoy your failure to incorporate even a BASIC feature in any game: A pause button. So if a person has to, say, answer an IM (typical) or temporarily deflect his or her attention, they can't pause. Unfortunately the timer makes it so you don't really have time to enjoy your reward from the previous correct answer. I'm good at math but for some of those questions it just didn't give you enough time to solve it in your head properly.This is especially important because there is NO intermission. Obviously the way to implement this WITHOUT cheating is simply to pause inbetween questions, with the spacebar being a "continue" button. A pause after each answer with a 'continue' button could fix this single shortfall; otherwise an excellent game. If you want to get to the good stuff you would have to be a whiz or cheat with a calculator.

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