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It roared and screamed, crushing and breaking the rules powers. The surrounding crowd also felt that they were unable to breathe, and they were being oppressed without quarter. Yan Lu’s body was knocked out and flew away, falling toward the distance.Only one shot, and there was not much difference from the fight that took place between the two youngsters.This was clearly protecting and interfering; a person of sage-level was involved in a conflict between the young, and with an obvious inclination to one side. More people’s attentions were directed to this side.The man’s name was Yan Lu, who was also not a member of the Liu Clan, but was a sage of Cliff State City. Seeing that the other was looking back at him, he smiled and asked, “Your student? Yan Lu was a sage, and even though he was not a top contender at the Liu Clan, as a sage he was considered a very strong figure indeed.Liu Yun was pressed to the ground by the remnant wave of suppression. The one that he had called an idiot had knocked out his teacher in one shot, and he was completed embarrassed.

For a time, the pressure of authority shrouded the void, and many felt the need to kneel on the ground and worship.Unfortunately, after going to the ruins it was unlikely that he would return here. The Liu Clan did not suffer much and continued chatting casually. After all, the Liu Clan was very extensive, and only Liu Yun’s family was really affected this time. It didn’t take long for a person to come and talk to Liu Yu and allow Ye Futian to come with them. All of them wore silvery clothes, extremely radiant and beautiful.

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