Swiss dating culture

15-Mar-2019 21:16

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[…] I cannot imagine a better place to live,” Turner reportedly told the Swiss tabloid Blick.Oprah, her wedding guest, had a different story to tell to Entertainment Tonight. According to Oprah, the sales person replied, “No, it’s too expensive!

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In a visit to South Africa some years ago, a group of young women from Limpopo province glowingly told us how Oprah is a role model for them who as a person of color and as a woman made it in a world dominated by white men.

Oprah traveled to Zurich, Switzerland, recently to attend the wedding of Tina Turner who has lived in the tony Zurich suburb of Küsnacht since 1995.

Earlier this year, Turner made the headlines for accepting Swiss citizenship while simultaneously renouncing her US citizenship, presumably for tax reasons.

Daniela Bär, the spokesperson for Switzerland Tourism, offered a speedy apology to Oprah, reducing the issue to a clumsy salesperson who acted inappropriately.

This also seems to be the view of other retailers in Zurich–again denying any systemic issues this scandal seems to have revealed.The Swiss franc is so high, that the Swiss middle class have no problems vacationing anywhere in the world every year.

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This entertainer began his career in the Soviet time yet and has continued to appear actively on stage to this day. Valery Leontiev is promoted brand, a mention of which is enough for a “sold out” notice.… continue reading »

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- Thank you, we will be comfortable there – looking at me, said Olga.… continue reading »

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