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So I talked to my mother, along with other friends in long-term happy relationships. Treat your man with respect and consideration, and he should reciprocate.

Remember that your current relationship is your priority, not your ex. For Men: Making the Connection For Men: Making the Transition from Dating Online to Offline Dating & Relationship Tips from a Black Mom Creating a Great Dating Profile on Black People How do Black Singles Find Dates in New York?

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It’s really cool because there is no rejection and it’s the quickest way to meet a lot of people in your community without having to do the internet dating thing – looking up pictures and going on bad blind dates – there’s no long term commitment and it’s a lot of fun.

I was a hair dresser and then a wedding consultant for my father’s catering business.

(For more info about professionals who contribute to the business of love and their salary range, check out this Dr. I am a dating consultant, President of Rapid Dating and the author of Love Mechanics.


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” Well, after class the men asked me so many questions that my friend got jealous.

Name: Renee Piane Job Title: Dating Consultant Where: Santa Monica, CAEmployer: President of Rapid Years of Experience: 15Salary: 0-0 per hour Relationship Advice: Salary of a Dating Expert These days there is a wealth of dating tips available online (as mentioned at obiakpere.blogspot.com).

Numerous dating experts offer fun relationship advice, relationship seminars, dating tips and advice for women, and relationship advice for men.

I will tune up people’s homes and create love environments. I create love scripts for people in different dating situations; for people who don’t know what to say.


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Guys often think, “Once I meet a girl, I’ll fix up my place,” but it’s actually the reverse. Rapid dating is the ultimate way for people to connect.Because of the variety of information and services available, dating consultant salaries fall within a wide salary range.