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I can open Outlook and use my previously configured profile and I get the SSL mismatch error..If I create a new Outlook profile and setup my account within it, there are no SSL errors at all.Visit Stack Exchange Recently replaced the SSL cert on our Exchange 2010 box with a new wildcard cert.Assigned services, reconfigured all URL's for external and internal access to be identical (previous cert was a SAN cert with .local domain names and since they are no longer available we are having to change this), setup split DNS so internal and external clients all use the same DNS name for access.Use the below command to install the required Windows features.This command needs to be run on a single line and run from a Power Shell window with elevated privileges.

Windows clients need Outlook 2010 with KB2965295, Outlook 2013 or Outlook 2016.Build your server and install a supported OS (either Server 2012 Standard or Datacenter or Server 2012 R2 Standard or Datacenter). Once installed, join to your domain and install windows updates.