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However, it is the printed version of the Code that is recognized under law as evidence of the laws of the United States in all courts, tribunals, and public offices of the United States, the States, and the Territories and possessions of the United States ( 1 U. These changes, which include changes in section designations, headings, and translations, do not change the meaning of the law. What is the difference between a United States Code section and a statutory note?

Both Code sections and statutory notes are based on provisions of Federal statutes.

However, some freestanding provisions and some amendments may be classified to other parts of the Code. Designation A designation is the number, letter, or number/letter combination that identifies a unit, such as a chapter, section, or subsection, in the Code.

Classification Classification is the process of deciding which laws are included in the Code and where they are to be placed. Classification Tables The Classification Tables are tables that show where recently enacted laws will appear in the Code and which sections of the Code have been amended by those laws. Concluding provision In a Code section, a concluding provision is the undesignated text that follows a series of designated units, such as paragraphs. For example, the designation for the first section in title 51 is section “10101”.

Appendix An appendix is the material that follows titles 5, 11, 18, and 28 of the Code.

The appendices contain Federal court rules and certain acts that relate to the subject matter of the title to which they are attached. Catchline A catchline is the heading of a Code section.

When a Code section or an amendment to a Code section is effective on a date other than its date of enactment, the Code will almost always include an effective date note under the section. What version of the United States Code is the official version? Several private companies publish both print and online versions of the Code. The text of the law is not changed in positive law titles.

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Comments about codification bills prepared by the Office of the Law Revision Counsel are encouraged. Comments about any other legislation or existing laws should be sent to your representatives in the House and Senate or to the House committees or Senate committees that have jurisdiction over the matters you wish to comment on.The tables are available in Public Law or Code order. Editorial note An editorial note is a note appearing in the Code that was prepared by the editors of the Code.