Updating trainz asset

08-Jun-2019 10:10

updating trainz asset-22

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The Patches are available here: This patch is manual download only for the moment. Please note - To avoid any complications while patching, we recommend doing the following: Please clear out the Temp folder on your computer.

When you are ready to install the patch, disconnect your internet connection and shut down all programs (including anti-virus and similar). We recommend that you leave the patch to install overnight, and that you do not use the computer whilst the patch is being installed.

This isn't present in the facepacks released before my transition to T: ANE, that is, all of them.

I have updated the facepacks to work with T: ANE, including the ones by Darth Assassin.

You can download a of the updated facepacks here: of the most common issues with models is missing dependencies.

You can check the content build number in the CD key list in the Options window of the Launcher.

Content build numbers will be visible next to the cd key for each add-on pack.

If this is the case, open the model in Explorer, use a program like Paint. They need to be this size, as other sizes won't work.