Validating users in help desk

25-May-2019 07:07

Password related helpdesk calls are not only costly, but also drain IT resources that can be better spent on more pressing issues.

So when a self-service password reset solution, such as Specops u Reset, is implemented, the helpdesk staff cannot fall into the trap of continuing to unlock accounts.

In addition to showing them what to do, you must also explain: Benefits include: 24/7 availability, accessibility from any web browser / multi-device support, and maximum security as your password will never be shared with the IT staff. The most popular tactic used is social engineering.

While social engineering is extremely common when using security questions, it is much less common if multi-factor authentication is used.

The integration ensures that users can access passwords with only a valid ticket ID.

It also extends to our access control workflow, which helps in granting approvals to access requests against automatic validation of corresponding service requests in the helpdesk system.

After the end-user enters their phone number, Volare sends a text message with the code and the validation process begins.

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The first time an end-user is redirected to the code validation form, he receives a text message including the code.In addition to the traditional validation method "Password via text message", Volare also allows you to verify the phone number of an end-user by sending a verification code.This feature is supported by User Account and Click-Through If the code-based validation is set, then end-users are asked for the phone number at registration, regardless of other options set in the Login Profile. After the registration process on the Splash Page is completed, Volare sends a text message to the end-user via SMS including a validation code.Specops u Reset enables the helpdesk to verify the accounts of users, using any of their enrolled identity services, or by sending a text message, containing a code, to the mobile number associated with the user’s account.

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For high security accounts the helpdesk can layer the identity services for increased security.Refer users to an FAQ, or provide them with a guide that walks them through the enrollment, and password reset process.