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Moral Education PERSONAL ISSUES Academic Cheating in College CHAPTER 8 RELATIONSHIPS WITH FAMILY MEMBERS PARENTING ADOLESCENTSWhat Kind of Parents Do Adolescents Want?

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CHAPTER 3 ADOLESCENT DIVERSITY: SOCIOECONOMIC STATUS AND ETHNICITYADOLESCENTS OF LOW SOCIOECONOMIC STATUSLimitations of Low Socioeconomic Status Cycle of Poverty and Deprivation RESEARCH HIGHLIGHT Those Who Make It MINORITY ADOLESCENTSAfrican American Adolescents Latino Adolescents Native American Adolescents Asian American Adolescents CROSS-CULTURAL CONCERNS An Example of Cross-Cultural Conflict — Chinese American Adolescent Dating IMMIGRANTS AND REFUGEESSoutheast Asian Refugee Experience CROSS-CULTURAL CONCERNS Comparison of Traditional Asian Values and Urban Industrial Values CHAPTER 4 BODY ISSUES: PHYSICAL GROWTH AND HEALTH-RELATED BEHAVIORS BIOCHEMICAL BASIS OF PUBERTYThe Hypothalamus The Pituitary Gland The Gonads The Adrenal Glands Sex Hormone Regulation in Males Sex Hormone Regulation in Females MATURATION AND FUNCTIONS OF MALE SEX ORGANSSpermatogenesis The Developing Penis PERSONAL ISSUES Use of Steroids by Athletes The Cowper’s Glands Nocturnal Emissions MATURATION AND FUNCTIONS OF FEMALE SEX ORGANSThe Developing Vagina Changes in the Vulva and Uterus Ovarian Changes Menarche and the Menstrual Cycle PERSONAL ISSUES Stress, Family Discord, and Pubertal Timing Menstrual Concerns DEVELOPMENT OF SECONDARY SEXUAL CHARACTERISTICSRESEARCH HIGHLIGHT Menstrual Irregularity in Athletes Males Females In Their Own Words Results of Sexual Maturation GROWTH IN HEIGHT AND WEIGHTGrowth Trends Determinants of Height Other Physical Changes BODY IMAGEPhysical Attractiveness Body Types and Ideals PERSONAL ISSUES Plastic surgery among Adolescents EARLY AND LATE MATURATIONEarly-Maturing Boys Late-Maturing Boys Early-Maturing Girls Late-Maturing Girls HEALTH STATUSMortality PERSONAL ISSUES Automobile Casualties Health Decisions Adolescent Health in the Third World HEALTH CONCERNSNutrition Exercise Obesity In Their Own Words Sleep Acne CHAPTER 5 COGNITVE DEVELOMENT: IMPROVEMENTS IN THINKING, REASONING, AND DECISION MAKING PIAGET’S STAGES OF COGNITIVE DEVELOPMENTSensorimotor Stage Preoperational Stage Concrete Operational Stage Formal Operational Stage EFFECTS OF ADOLESCENT THOUGHT ON PERSONALITY AND BEHAVIORIdealism Hypocrisy Pseudostupidity Egocentrism In Their Own Words RESEARCH HIGHLIGHT Is a Personal Fable Entirely a Bad Thing?

Introspection CRITIQUE OF PIAGET’S THEORYAge of Onset and Universality Beyond Formal Operations WHAT CAN WE RETAIN FROM FORMAL OPERATIONS?

INFORMATION PROCESSINGSteps in Information Processing Processing Speed Higher-Order Thought Processes The Role of Knowledge DECISION MAKINGThe Process Barriers to Good Decision Making Risky Decision Making EPISTEMOLOGICAL UNDERSTANDINGIn Their Own Words BRAIN DEVELOPMENT DURING ADOLESCENCEASSESSING COGNITIONTheories of Intelligence Intelligence Testing Factors Influencing Test Results Uses and Misuses of IQ Tests RESEARCH HIGHLIGHT Intellectually Different Adolescents ACHIEVEMENT TESTSThe Scholastic Reasoning Test (SAT) CHAPTER 6 SELF-CONCEPT, IDENTITY, ETHNICITY, AND GENDERSELF-CONCEPT AND SELF-ESTEEMRESEARCH HIGHLIGHT: Does This Generation Have Higher Self-Esteem?

Importance of Having a Good Self-Concept PERSONAL ISSUES Perfectionism Self-Esteem Development of a Positive Self-Concept In Their Own Words Changes in Self-Concept during Adolescence IDENTITYSeven Conflicts Identity Status In Their Own Words Identity as a Process Ethnic Identity RESEARCH HIGHLIGHT The Effects of Maternal Ethnic Socialization on Sons and Daughters GENDERBiological Sex Cognitive-Developmental Theories Societal Influences Androgyny Gender in Adolescence CHAPTER 7 THE DEVELOPMENT OF MORAL VALUESCOGNITIVE-SOCIALIZATION THEORIES OF DEVELOPMENTPiaget and Children’s Moral Development Kohlberg and Levels of Moral Development Gilligan and Sex Differences in Moral Reasoning In Their Own Words The Social-Cognitive Domain Approach to Moral Reasoning Moral Reasoning and Prosocial Behavior FAMILY FACTORS AND MORAL LEARNINGThe Family’s Role EXTRAFAMILIAL INFLUENCES ON MORALITYPeers Religion In Their Own Words Television RESEARCH HIGHLIGHT Adolescents’ Views of Political and Human Rights RESEARCH HIGHLIGHT Why Do We Like Scary Media?

The authors also take into consideration current and important topics such as ethnic identity formation, gender issues, the Internet, effects of single-parent families, etc.

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