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Then I fell in love with a man because all we did was laugh and get along. We should look for someone who will stick around and discuss what goes wrong and then come up with a plan to fix it. Reciprocity (give and take): If you are a pleaser this will be strange to you. Realistic expectations: We need to be realistic about how much of our happiness should come from the relationship—not too much and not too little. The majority of our happiness should come form a healthy relationship with ourselves—self-esteem. I think we need to be honest from the beginning about what we are looking for and move on if we are not in sync.

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- More people divorce over money than anything else.

I wanted a lot of things but I had no real understanding of what would make is happy. Dating with a purpose is reserved for those of us who are making a concerted effort to find out if there is enough compatibility to sustain a healthy relationship which includes romantic love, excitement, getting along, and a future together. Honesty that engenders trust: Our greatest contentment comes from loving someone that we can trust. If this person has issues from his childhood or previous relationships, he has worked this through and is ready for a healthy relationship. The ability to negotiate or compromise: In a modern relationship compromise is an imperative. According to Judith Sills in, A Fine Romance, this should include a sit-down conversation before marriage. Self-awareness: This means both partners knowing who they are and what they want. Then we stick to our guns and look for this in a relationship before we commit. Self-esteem: This means both partners feeling good about themselves. - Asking for what you want, but not being addicted to getting it. (This means expressing your opinion without attacking the other person.) - Reporting your feelings. Sexual compatibility: This means similar values and preferences.

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