Who is erica badu dating

18-Mar-2019 14:58

’ I said, ‘Don’t worry, I got something to throw at his head.’ And he said, ‘What you gonna do, throw some money at him? I’m just grateful that they support me while I do this.

”Erykah and Andre 3000’s son, Seven Sirius Benjamin, is 19-years-old. The first thing people would think about us is, ‘Oh, they don’t get along.’ But there are always feelings when people grow apart. But man, we are cool.” Badu recently spoke with ABC News about her family and children, and revealed that she will support her kids regardless of whether or not they decide to pursue a career in entertainment. Mama goes to work and they’re understanding and they’re grateful. If they choose to be an entertainer or performer I would support them wholeheartedly the same way they’ve supported me.

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Clash with Azealia Banks I think sometimes, if we’re not careful, we can let people instigate us into some kind of weird situation. On her son Seven Yeah, he turned 18 on November 18th.

On April 25, Badu took to Twitter to reveal that Seven was accepted into four colleges. Dream worked.” According to the Atlanta Black Star, Badu has said Seven Sirius plans to major in psychology, arts, and science. The 45-year-old told the outlet that her youngest daughter is a gymnast and very into sports. And I don’t know how that happened, but she, is atomically me, chemically me.” Badu says her son is most like his father. Badu homeschooled her son, Seven Sirius, through kindergarten and first grade.