Who is jang nara dating

03-Sep-2019 12:07

On June 23rd, both Park Bo Gum and Jang Nara denied plans to wed.

They also believe it would not be a good idea for Jang Nara to marry a man who has not served his military enlisting yet.

I think it's simple for you to come here to visit than me going there to Korea. Continue appearing in dramas I'm cheering you at far. She is the definition of an unassuming petite girl next door with her babyface and innocence charm. :) :) annyeong haseyo jangnara or kim mi young on fated to love you this korean movies is the best for me .. I think I've become a fan of JNR unnie : D Wish unnie all the best in your life ♥ saranghaeyo unnie, fighting!!

When I read the comments, they said that she was a legend, but from what I know Go Ara is still young so, I learned that they are the same and not even related at all! JNR unnie is really a good singer, actress, and a great person who is kind, humble, honest and so good to fans.

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I do not know if you or someone else would give me the opportunity to send you a letter of mine. They had very well chemistry also, so I think it is no problem if they meet again in another drama. Love both of you~~ 3Omg we have the same birth date! as i preview the comments below i can say that she is a total legend back to days and she even signed under the same agency with Bo A.

I saw her singing in YT, and I thought it was Go Ara at first, she looks quite the same with her! "Oh Happy Day" is also the funniest movie I've ever seen.