Who is john frusciante dating

13-Jun-2019 04:31

was a secret passageway I took, like Alice, into Frusciante's wacky wonderland.After my dream I decided to look up Toni, who Frusciante had dedicated the record to.And as for the characterisation of it by the shopkeeper in Oulu, it definitely is strange.

There, by the record collection, she came to feel a connection with the musicians, who led a life outside normal society and were able to elevate pain and sorrow into beauty.There was someone else on the planet that understood how we felt about being alive, which is actually quite rare.It wasn't just a romantic encounter, but a discovery of spiritual siblinghood.I didn't contact Frusciante himself, because he doesn't generally give interviews, and anyway, I'm too much of a fan.

I was afraid of ruining the magic if I got close to him, or screwed up an interview. When Toni Oswald and John Frusciante first met each other, they were twenty-year olds introduced by mutual acquaintances.She had a background in dance, theatre and performance art. She particularly admired the dance choreography in Bob Fosse's films.