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Gale completely gets Katniss, from her self-preservation strategies to her deepest desires.

Gale notices how she kisses Peeta differently and he even seems to see her as calculating at times, such as when he tells Peeta that she'll choose the young man that she "" While this seems like an uncaring assessment of Katniss, these are choices she's had to make her whole life.

Indeed, in much of the Western world, taller-woman couples are far less common than statistics would predict in random pairings.

In 1980, researchers examined height data collected from 720 assorted straight American couples’ bank-account applications and discovered that only one couple in the pool consisted of a woman who was taller than the man.

Often, the anxiety over female-taller relationships spills over into portrayals of heterosexual couples in movies and TV—and sometimes it results in some creative optical-illusion work intended to make male stars appear taller than their female costars.

Check out this clip from So casting Lawrence, who’s said to be about 5’10”, alongside the 5’6” Hutcherson and letting their height difference simply play out onscreen, without alteration and without comment, was an unusual move..

For comparison, an at-random pairing of 720 females and 720 males would have produced a female-taller-than-male combo once in every 29 couples.

The couple is rarely spotted together and the last time we posted photos of them as a couple was a year and a half ago!

series, newly minted celebrity Katniss Everdeen (Jennifer Lawrence) tries to pose for a photo with her co-Hunger Games champion and putative boyfriend, Peeta Mellark (Josh Hutcherson).

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