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08-May-2019 16:20

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Unlike Tinder where the matching happens as you swipe or Coffee & Bagel which offers fresh candidates once a day, Closer advocates for free unlimited browsing.However, the daily matches are delivered only once a day, not instantly.Whether you are a gen-Z, millennial or a recently separated 40-something, chances are you have heard of or used Tinder enough to understand how brutal dating can be.How many times have you heard comments like “I wish dating would be more natural, more real.” The problem of dating apps, however, is not that they are digital, rather it is that they do not respect the interactions that occur during a casual encounter.If anything, what apps do really well — because they are digital, — provide quick access to large audiences and wider demographics.Without this digital functionality, we would never have a direct link to so many viable individuals.

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When we are nervous about exposing too much and afraid to be considered too weird, we become generic.The problem is that are never instant because nobody wants to send a message right away.Messaging a match instantly can be interpreted as desperate or eager, despite that in person if you don’t act quickly, the person is going to eventually leave.The stigma surrounding apps like Tinder or Bumble is derived from the guiding principle of their use: speed and quantity yield love. Based on the reactions a person may get telling a friend they use Tinder shows that, in the eyes of the general public, do not yet yield meaningful love.

As a fun project, I started building a concept for a dating app called Closer.Like a game of poker, the profile should reveal your persona only with the increase of mutual interests shared between matches.